The Zone RangerTM
FastRFID Identity Solutions
The Zone RangerTM is a set of very adaptable RFID identity software modules each designed for specific scanning tasks, for web or desktop applications, with options for text, DOM, SQL, Restive, native or custom databases.
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Tag Registration
The Tag Registration is a ubiquitous basic operation, assigning tags to entities or objects applicable to the target operation such as people, products, materials, vehicles, pets, livestock, wildlife, locations, more.

Checkpoint Operations
The Checkpoint Operations detect Registered tags at a location such as a gate, door, hall, or other checkpoint to passively determine a tag passing, or the direction, or trigger a lift gate, turnstile, converyor or other action.

Asset Tracking
Identify or optionally combine scan activity data from assets, individuals, pallets or access points to assign, move, return, store or locate assets in buildings, yards, or concealed areas depending on specific application.

Analytics & Intelligence
Beyond conventional tag scan tracking at a point or location, data may be proactively or passively aggregated into intelligence. Trend asset, vehicle, people or animal groups movement patterns where there is value.

Cloud Interface APIs
Cloud APIs are designed to assimulate, buffer and dynamically post scan data securely to web application servers then optionally display a customized response. Pass scan data via GET, POST, XML, JSON or plain text.

Objectives Planning
& Consulting

Application & Process
Design & Strategy

Optimize Resources,
Environment & Methods

Software Development,
Management & Integration

Validation, Verification,
Compliance & Review

Implementation & Training

Structure Packaging
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Software, Help Desk
& Dynamic Goals Support

  • Central Tool Rooms
  • Checkpoint Operations
  • Holographic Greeting
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Industrial Site Trailers
  • Loyalty Applications
  • Marine Fuel Dispenser
  • Movement Tracking
  • Piped Content Routing
  • Process Routing
  • Unattended Asset Areas
  • Vehicle/Personnel Access
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